View Who Won Britain's Got Talent 2020 Pictures. The final three in the britain's got talent final 2020 was whittled down to sign along with us, jon courtenay and steve royle. Who won britain's got talent?

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This morning for the first time, this sounds. We will be treating you to a very special guest performance from les misérables, the who will be crowned the bgt champion 2020? Welcome to the subreddit about britain's got talent, the hit british talent show.

Britain's got talent fans have a big problem with this year's finalists.

But you don't always have to win the contest to win a new life. Here's your guide to bgt's return, including all the acts through. The 'america's got talent' season 15 results are in, and brandon leake is the 'agt' winner of the summer 2020 season. Get ready for an epic musical extravaganza at the bgt final!